DeepGreen/Nori Global Stakeholder Workshop

San Diego (USA)  The IOM delegate, Kamila Mianowicz, took part in the DeepGreen/Nori Global Stakeholder Workshop held in San Diego (USA), 5-6 February 2020. The workshop was a part of DG/Nori consultation programme to assess the environmental and social impacts (ESIA program) of sourcing metals from nodules found on the seabed in the Clarion Clipperton Zone (CCZ). Representatives of … Read moreDeepGreen/Nori Global Stakeholder Workshop

IOM Training Programme 2020 – application

Szczecin (Poland)  Interoceanmetal Joint Organization offers two (2) opportunities in September-October 2020 for candidates from developing States as part of its training programme in accordance with its Contract for exploration for polymetallic nodules signed with the Authority on 29 March 2001 and extended on 25 May 2017. Candidates will receive a comprehensive six (6) weeks multidisciplinary … Read moreIOM Training Programme 2020 – application

International workshop Towards a standardized approach to REMPs in the Area

Hamburg (Germany)  The IOM delegate Kamila Mianowicz took part in the international workshop Towards a standardized approach to Regional Environmental Management Plans in the Area, hosted by Germany and co-organized with the Netherlands and Pew Charitable Trusts and held in Hamburg (Germany) from 11 to 13 November 2019. Representatives of scientific community, NGOs, governmental officials, … Read moreInternational workshop Towards a standardized approach to REMPs in the Area