Exploration Cruises

IOM’s major task is to carry out exploration of polymetallic nodules in the claimed area.Data and samples are collected during exploration cruises. Until now, 25 cruises were accomplished (independently or in cooperation with other organizations), providing wide rangeof geological, hydrological, hydro meteorological and environmental data.

Exploration scientific cruises 1987-2014

1987-198817 Syezd ProfsoyuzovRegional geological and geophysical reconnaissance preliminary CDC+CTD survey, sediment and polymetallic sampling, geochemical and mineralogical determination, preliminary environmental assessment
1988-1989Geolog Petr Antropov
1988-1989Akademik Alexandr Karpiński
1989Akademik Alexander Sidorenko
1989Mikołaj Kopernik
1989Morskoy Geolog
1989Akademik Alexander Sidorenko
1989-1990Geolog Petr AnIropov
1989-1990Profesor Fedinskiy
1989-1990Akademik Alexander Sidorenko
1989-1990Geolog Fersman
1994Haiyang IVlOM/COMRA – baseline investigation
1994YuzhmorgeologiyaIOM/MMAJ – participation in BIE/JET test
1994YuzhmorgeologiyaBaseline investigation, selection of IOM/BIE site
1995YuzhmorgeologiyaDetailed exploration in IOM/BIE site with the participation of the UN trainees
1995YuzhmorgeologiyaIOM/BIE test with the participation of pioneer investors
1996SonnelOM/VWS – participation in geotechnical investigation and environmental monitoring (Peru Basin)
1997Profesor LogatschevMeiobiological and ecological monitoring in IOM/BIE site and detailed exploration of site adjoining nodule occurrence – Preservation Reference Area (PRA)
1999GelendzhikDetail bathymetrical survey of the whole IOM daim areas (B1, B2) with multi-beam sonar SIMRAD EM 12- Kongsberg /Norway
2001YuzhmorgeologiyaDeep-tow photographic survey, nodule and sediment box-corer sampling, trawling, gravity coring, sediments and pore water investigations, meiobenthos studying in B2 sector. Water column and hydro meteorological observations.
2004YuzhmorgeologiyaNodule and sediment box-corer sampling, trawling, dredging and hydro meteorological observations in B2 sector.
2009YuzhmorgeologiyaSide-scan sonar surveys, photo profiling, nodule and sediment box-corer sampling, trawling and hydro meteorological observations in H11 block
2014YuzhmorgeologiyaSide-scan sonar surveys, photo and video profiling, nodule and sediment box-corer sampling, biological sampling, trawling and hydro meteorological observations in H11 block