International workshop Towards a standardized approach to REMPs in the Area

Hamburg (Germany)  The IOM delegate Kamila Mianowicz took part in the international workshop Towards a standardized approach to Regional Environmental Management Plans in the Area, hosted by Germany and co-organized with the Netherlands and Pew Charitable Trusts and held in Hamburg (Germany) from 11 to 13 November 2019. Representatives of scientific community, NGOs, governmental officials, contractors, the International Seabed Authority and other stakeholders discussed the scientific, legal and organizational aspects of development, implementation, monitoring and review of the Regional Environmental Management Plans in regions of the deep-sea where exploration – and exploitation in the future – of mineral resources takes place. K. Mianowicz was a moderator of world café table discussing the roles of stakeholders in the whole process of REMP design and execution. Outcomes of the workshop are planned for submission to the International Seabed Authority during the 26th Council session in 2020. Participants visited the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea where they were introduced to the topic of dispute resolution.