IOM/ISA Training Programme 2022

Szczecin (Poland)/Prague (Czech Republic)  The IOM/ISA Training Programme 2022 started on Monday, September 5th, and will last until Friday, October 14th 2022. Nine trainees from seven Developing States (Bangladesh, Jamaica, Mauritius, Mexico, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Trinidad and Tobago) are taking part in the extensive, comprehensive training combining economic, geological, environmental, metallurgical and legal aspects of exploration of polymetallic nodules in Clarion-Clipperton Zone, Pacific Ocean. The training development and implementation is a joint project of Interoceanmetal Joint Organization, Polish Geological Survey (PGS), University of Szczecin (Geocentre), Poland and University of Chemistry and Technology (UCT) in Prague, Czech Republic and is executed as a part of the contracts for exploration for polymetallic nodules (IOM) and polymetallic sulphides (PGS) granted by the International Seabed Authority.