Selection of candidates to participate in the ISA 2023 Contractor’s Training Programme with Interoceanmetal

Szczecin (Poland)  Five candidates from developing countries were nominated by the Legal and Technical Commission of the International Seabed Authority to take part in the ISA 2023 Contractor’s Training Programme with the Interoceanmetal Joint Organization.

Congratulations to:
Ms Madiha H. Moustafa from Egypt,
Mr Brian L. Lynch from Jamaica,
Ms Shahrin Azmee from Bangladesh,
Ms Mereseini A. Radidi from Fiji,
Mr Richard O. Anginya from Kenya.

The comprehensive 6-week training programme will take place in Szczecin (Poland) from 4 September to 13 October 2023 and will cover topics: Law of the Sea, Geotechnical Engineering, Marine Geology, Conservation and Protection of the Marine Environment, Environmental Strategies for Exploration and Mining, Metallurgical Methods (processing of polymetallic nodules).

For enquiries, please contact Ms Kamila Mianowicz (