The IOM training programme

Szczecin (Poland) Interoceanmetal Joint Organization (IOM) pursuant to its contract for exploration for polymetallic nodules signed with ISA on 29 March 2001 is offering four (4) opportunities for candidates from developing States between September and October 2022. Candidates will receive a comprehensive six (6) weeks multidisciplinary training in the field of polymetallic nodules project management (including legal framework, exploration activities, environmental research, economic cycle and metallurgical processing).

Description of the IOM training programme

The IOM training programme is divided into two parts:

Part I: Introduction to marine mineral exploration and exploitation in the Area with focus on polymetallic nodules
This part will focus on the legal, environmental and technological aspects of marine minerals exploration and exploitation under UNCLOS and other relevant documents constituting the regulatory framework of all activities in the Area. Participants will take part in lectures, seminars and hands-on exercises (including case studies and laboratory work with microscopes). This knowledge- and skills-developing part is a basis for the Part 2.

Part 2: Laboratory work and scientific techniques for polymetallic nodules analysis and metallurgical processing
This part will focus on technological aspects of marine minerals exploration and exploitation. Participants will take part in all stages of laboratory works, incl. analysis and interpretation of results. This skills-developing part will be tailored according to the participants’ professional capacity (depending on their background) and laboratory capacity.

IOM headquarters (Szczecin, Poland) in cooperation with: Natural Sciences Education and Research Centre, University of Szczecin (Szczecin, Poland), Polish Geological Institute-National Research Institute (Szczecin, Poland), University of Chemistry and Technology (Prague, Czech Republic)

Applications should be submitted by the 18 April 2022 deadline. Application, requirements, financial conditions and other information are provided through the ISA website.