Workshop on the Development of a Framework for Regional Environmental Management Plans (REMPs)

Szczecin (Poland)  From 27 to 29 June 2018 the International Seabed Authority and the University of Szczecin organised a 3-day workshop on the development of a framework for Regional Environmental Management Plans (REMPs) for polymetallic sulphide deposits in Szczecin, Poland. Contractors, representatives of sponsoring States, universities and science organizations took part in this event.

The main topic of the workshop was to provide the relevant organs of the Authority, as well as contractors and their sponsoring States with a proactive area-based management tool, which aim set supporting informed decision-making that balances resource development with conservation for REMPs for polymetallic sulphides in Mid-Ocean Ridges. During the event presentations from ISA, COMRA (China Ocean Mineral Resource Research & Development Association), IOM,  Republic of Korea and another paticipants were given. The following topics were under discussion: Strategic Environmental Management Plan,  major ecological structures, distinctive features, and ecological functions of Mid-Ocean Ridges and another questions concerning environmental management.

Each working group were presented with the key issues to deal with, as it was set out by the steering committee od the workshop. At the end of the workshop each working group provided a series of recommendations and comments which were transferred to the Legal and Technical Commission and the Secretariat.